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23 tips: here’s how you increase your

submission’s chance of a festival win

Go for gold!

Cannes, Eurobest, Epica, Webby, D&AD: every year there are numerous festivals for effective and creative work which you can submit to.To help you make your case as powerfully as possible to the festival jury, we thought it would be a good idea to grill a number of experts for you. We spoke with independent strategist Gertjan Hafkamp, pitch coach, David Beckett and founder of Casefilm.nl, Geert Ploeger. Are you going for gold? Well, with this e-book you'll be well prepared. Good luck!


This e-book teaches you:

  • How you can powerfully write and support your case.
  • How you can make a strong case video.
  • How you can persuade the jury with your personal presentation.
  • How you can make your case stand out from all the others.


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About the author, Jente Kater

jente foto rondjeJente Kater is the founder and CEO of Voicebooking.com, the fastest growing voice acting agency in Europe. It maintains a web shop format and provides 24-hour delivery by professional voice talents, who record in their native tongue from locations around the world. Jente loves writing about audio-visual communication, copywriting, media and radio. Prior to Voicebooking.com he was a DJ for various national radio stations in the Netherlands.