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15 practical tips - the dos and don'ts of in-house production

Doing your production in-house?

For this e-book we spoke to various people about in-house production. You´ll notice straight away that there are some people expressly for or against this method of working, and that there are those who search out a third route. In addition we provide you with 15 practical tips for developing in-house audiovisual productions.

In this e-book you will learn:

  • What you need at every stage of the process
  • Which factors are influential [for in-house production success]
  • What the Hollywood Producers Model is

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About the author, Jente Kater

jente foto rondjeJente Kater is the founder and CEO of, the fastest growing voice acting agency in Europe. It maintains a web shop format and provides 24-hour delivery by professional voice talents, who record in their native tongue from locations around the world. Jente loves writing about audio-visual communication, copywriting, media and radio. Prior to he was a DJ for various national radio stations in the Netherlands.